Alexandra Athena CozzoliExposure


Experienced Graphic Designer and Project Manager specializing in merging creativity with strategic thinking. With expertise in managing full project cycles, I excel in driving creative concepts from inception to production. My skills span impactful album cover visuals to compelling digital content curation. Proficient in cross-functional collaboration, I prioritize innovation with meticulous attention to detail in design, branding, and project execution.


Social Media Content Creator Freelance, Educated Mess  
April 2023 - February 2024

Collaborated directly with the founders to produce and execute graphic design posts for social media. Initially hired to contribute to the company's rebranding launch, I was later tasked with creating and executing 15 fresh social media posts each month. This involved maintaining the brand's voice and aligning with their creative direction.

Project Manager & Graphic Designer, MAD Free  
October 2021 - March 2023
Took charge of full managerial and production responsibilities. I represented Michaela at crucial meetings, providing articulate insights. On set for the filming of "The Hair Tales" docuseries with Michaela and Tracee Ellis Ross, I ensured seamless collaboration with the production team. I contributed to the development of Mariah Carey's novel, "The Christmas Princess," crafting mock layouts and covers to be shared internally with business associates. From designing invitations for exclusive events to managing budgets for projects and travel, I thrived in bringing creative visions to life while maintaining financial prudence.

Graphic Designer, about-face 
August 2020 - April 2022 
Contributed actively to weekly Creative Marketing brainstorms, bringing innovative ideas to social platforms. Played a key role in the design process, producing drafts, prototypes, and solutions for various mediums. Served as a vital link for the Creative Marketing team, crafting internal decks and presentations shared company-wide. Collaborated on technical wireframes, facilitating direct communication with manufacturers. Curated a dynamic monthly Instagram feed and positioned typography elements for a successful zine launch working closely with the Senior Brand Manager. From resolving design challenges with the Web Developer to assisting the Creative Director in organizing product images, I brought a versatile approach to enhancing the brand's visual identity.

Creative Director, Ndeh and The Voodoo 
August 2020
The driving force behind creative concepts, shaping branding and cover art for a musical artist from pitch to production. Established a lasting relationship, defining the band's unique look and feel. Proactively managed deadlines, crafting all assets on set for seamless execution. Immersed in the artistic process, I developed and edited photography assets for PR, album cover art, and social media, creating distinct art for three album covers on streaming services. Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I utilized digital tools and handcrafted assets, adding a personalized touch to complete designs.

International Coordinator, Milk Makeup 
May 2019 - April 2020
Played a crucial role in Milk Makeup's expansion into 5 European countries and the Middle East. Working closely with the Director of International Business, we successfully launched the hero product, Vegan Milk Moisturizer, in European markets, ensuring a consistent brand image at global PR events. My responsibilities included planning and executing seasonal animations for Sephora, managing the yearly marketing calendar, and maintaining communication with overseas warehouses to ensure smooth product stock levels and international shipments. 

Production Coordinator, Milk Makeup
January 2019 - April 2019
Led the creation of unique designs and collateral for multiple events, surpassing brand standards and original concepts. Collaborating with the Senior Art Director and the Creative Team, I contributed to event ideation and design, aligning with aesthetic standards and the brand's DNA. As the sole Production Assistant for Milk Makeup's inaugural influencer brand trip, I launched the hero product of 2019, the Hydro Grip Primer, resulting in a notable ROI of $4.7M, an EMV of $2.3M, 600k+ in sales, and 37K+ new followers. Executing six activations in three days across four locations in Palm Springs for the Hydro Influencer trip, I liaised directly with vendors, overseeing AV, catering, floral arrangements, hotel logistics, and transportation. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in building relationships with significant brand partners, contributing to substantial savings of over 20K and supporting the brand's marketing and sales objectives.

Project Manager & Graphic Designer, MAD Free
October 2021 - March 2023

Mock novel cover was created for Michaela Angela Davis' memoir proposal. Ms. Davis shared some images from her childhood and allowed me to read the first draft of her memoir to gain inspiration. In it, she described a childhood memory of cutting off her hair in photos and taping on top older women's stylish haircuts she dreamed of having from hair catalogs. After conducting research, I attempted to recreate this memory by crafting a mock vintage hair advertisement and placing Michaela's old school photo on top.

Staying true to the vintage newspaper theme, I crafted and distributed an informative flyer to all those involved in the "Hair Tales" docuseries project.

Another internal graphic element created for use in a presentation deck during the development of the docuseries "The Hair Tales."