Challenged my self to recreate The Cocteau Twins album cover for Heaven or Las Vegas.

During the 1980s post-punk wave participants did not bother, nor care, to explain themselves, their mission was to push the norm. The Cocteau Twins were know for confusing people with their sound, having fans question if their music had any message or made any kind of sense. The truth behind it was they just made music that sounded the way it sounded. Crafted with an almost fastidious perfectionism until they were happy with it.

For this album cover I wanted to portray the idea of artists pushing themselves out of normality, to then snap back to see what they created. To express this I took close up images of a friend performing different skin pulling, body imprints and tongue twisting. I then cut out and tapped them on to a portrait of her head covering her face to hide herself with these pushing normality acts.