Creative directed and shot photos for Ndeh and the Voodoo’s new album Sunshine Life Line.

Sonically SLL has a very bright sound, it’s a collection of funky uplifting summer tunes. But when you give the lyrics attention they show a very cerebral self portrait of Ndeh, depicting the complexity of how he grew up. After giving the album a deep listen, I developed a couple different concepts - 1) Ndeh chewing on dandelions, a metaphor of him controlling this dark period of his life 2) Ndeh getting hit with a bouquet of dandelions, showing him physically being moved by this time period 3) Ndeh handing you a dandelion, representing him opening up to us about this period in his life.

After meeting with the team we decided to shoot all concepts to help develop the bands branding and would give me enough assets to also design the single cover art for songs Dandelion and Paradise. The group continues to use my artwork for their band branding and social media posts.